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Layer Info
Category Management
SubCategory Governance
Editable No
Data source
Area Size 181761.00 km2
Utilizing Layer
Territorial waters

Country Profile[edit | edit source]

Country Green is also part of the Colour Kingdom, and borders country Red to the north. Country Green has a much lower population than country Red, with only 6.3 million people. The majority of the population lives in urban areas, while the countryside contains high mountains and rough terrain. Country Green has already some experience in marine spatial planning. The objective of country Green is to achieve a sustainable economy, while living within environmental limits.

In country Green’s EEZ a lot of oil and gas can be found. The government wants to extract as much as possible of these fossil fuels in the short run, even the smaller fields. In the future, the government wants to establish an energy transition. The first wind energy farms are already present in country Green’s EEZ. Wave and tidal energy seem very promising, because of the ideal sea conditions. The government has already established a couple of test sites. Country Green has a competitive edge in these relatively new technologies.

The fishing industry is a traditional sector with a great historical past. At the entire Sea of Colours fishing takes place. The Green government strives to achieve sustainable fisheries by 2020. Fisheries are currently allowed in wind farms. In the future, this policy may change. Aquaculture and fish farms seem very promising industries with high potentials. Along the Green coast, some aquaculture areas and fish farms are already operational. The government stimulates this new industry.

Tourism is of great importance to country Green. The mountains and rough terrain attract tourists from all over the world. Also the northern islands are well-known tourist attractions, especially during the summer time. The islands are connected with the mainland with ferry routes. In this area also many historical wrecks can be found, which is ideal for divers. Furthermore, the sea conditions are perfect for surfers and kite-surfers.

Country Green has a couple of marine protected areas. The harbour porpoise and the common and gray seal are situated in the Green part of the sea in huge numbers. The islands are also important areas for the Common Scoter. The government wants to designate more bird areas in the future. The Green government is committed to achieve the Marine Strategy Framework Directive objective of Good Environmental Status by 2020. One of the main concerns of the government is under water noise and contaminants.