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Territorial Waters


Country green is the biggest in geographical size, but not densely populated. The green country has found and is exploiting huge oil and gas reserves in their sea areas. Per capita it is the richest country among the four due to its access to minerals like oil and gas. The country has jurisdiction over 26% of the Sea of Colours, which is almost 38.500 Nm2.

The country has a long history in fisheries; it is by far the biggest fish exporting country in the area. With the change of the seas watertemperature more and more commercial fish stocks are found in their sea area. More and more fishermen from different nationalities fish in the greenEEZ. Important fishing grounds for Herring can be found in the Green country, primarily. Aquaculture is seen as a promising new industry.

The green country has some experience in maritime spatial planning, because it felt the need to safeguard both their oil production and fishstocks also in relation to potential wind energy development some wind energy production sites are under development.

Planning of other activities is new in the Green country, although the Green country has designated two marine protected areas (MPA’s) bringing,adding up to 5% of the sea area. The country is interested in electricity connections and export of oil and gas to the other countries around the Sea of Colours. The oil and gas industry has recently expressed interest in the use of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery.

The national government has the jurisdiction over the Green EEZ, up to the twelve miles zone that jurisdiction is shared with regionalgovernments.

The capital of the country (Green 1) a historic port is located on the east coast, close to the border with the Blue country. City Green 2 is the main port for offshore oil and gas and fisheries. The Green parliament has asked for a draft marine and maritime spatial plan. Also it has asked questions on innovation in the marine sectors and biodiversity objectives. Fishermen lobby for a sea border with the Blue country, so fishing in that zone does not lead to issues.