The MSP Challenge knowledge base is an integral part of the MSP Challenge Client. From inside the client, information provided in the knowledge base can be accessed to support the planning process. To protect this process, page adding and editing is restricted to users with an existing MSP Challenge account, and the appropriate rights.


We distinguish between 3 types of users, able to edit the MSP Challenge Knowledge Base.


Enthousiasts are the MSP challenge community members able to edit and update pages on the knowledge base. Changes by these users are submitted for revision. Moderators of the knowledge base can review and approve the changes these members have made.


Masters are verified members of the MSP challenge community, known to deliver well considered content. These members can edit and submit pages without the need for additional approval by moderators.


Moderators are the verified members of the MSP challenge community willing to invest time in maintaining the content available on the knowledge base. These members can view submitted changes, and approve these changes to become fixed part of the knowledge base.

MSP Challenge Account

Would you like to join our effort, feel free to register, and start improving on the existing knowledge.

Do you have an MSP Challenge Authoriser account? Go ahead and log in with it here, if you like. Then you'll be able to help develop and expand this MSP body of knowledge, both for general use and for use within the MSP Challenge Simulation Platform.

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