(DT)MSP Challenge


A number of Tutorials have been created to assist all players in become familiar with the basic interactions in the MSP Challenge. These short videos should provide you all the information required to start creating your ideal sea basin.

Layers & Layer Manager

Properties Window

Create a Plan

Plan States

Editing Basic

Plan Monitor

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The Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Challenge is a computer supported simulation-game that provides insight in the complex challenges of sustaiable planning of human activities in the marine and coastal ecosystem.


The MSP Challenge 2050 is developed to allow groups of diverse backgrounds to receive a glimpse of the challenges faced when planning in marine and coastal ecosystems. It is a multiplayer experience where teams take control over the planning in a realistic environment, and are given the opportunity to experience the influences of planning on a massive scale.

Within the digital platform real-life geodata has been used to recreate the available sea-areas as accurately as possible. The players are provided with a canvas true to current situations in the replicated area, and provided with realistic objectives and goals to achieve. All data has been provided and reviewed by marine specialists and professional planners to provide a high level of accuracy.

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