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Territorial waters

Country profile[edit | edit source]

Country Orange is a highly developed country with a stable democracy. The orange country is a geographically low-lying country, with about 20% of its area located below sea level. The Orange country shares maritime borders with counties Yellow, Pink and Red. Country Orange is a very densely populated country, with about 17 million people. The majority of the population lives in the west part of the country, in close proximity of the coast.

The orange part of the Sea of Colours is of huge economic importance to country Orange. There are many ship movements in the Orange part of the Sea of Colours. The economic importance of the shipping industry is mainly linked to the Orange seaports. The Orange seaports are hubs for international flows of goods and a location for industry and services. Smooth and safe passage of shipping and the accessibility of ports are considered very important by the industry.

Oil and gas is also of great economic importance for country Orange. Some platforms are located in the coastal waters, but the majority is located at the central part of the Orange part of the Sea of Colours. Extracted gas and oil is transported to land through pipelines. The importance of the oil and gas industry is expected to decline in the future, due to a depletion of oil and gas reserves. It is possible to use the empty oil and gas fields for CO2 storage in the future.

Country Orange has an ambition of 4.500MW renewable energy by 2020. In 2050 the total energy production should be completely generated by renewable resources, of which wind energy seems to be the most promising. Currently, country Orange has three operational windfarms. Fishing is currently not allowed in wind farms for safety reasons. Aquaculture, on the other hand, can be combined with wind farms.

Other activities that take place in the Orange part of the Sea of Colours are military activities, recreational activities, dredging and sand and gravel extraction. Sand extraction is highly important for coastal defence. Furthermore, some areas are designated as Natura 2000 area. The Orange government is committed to achieve the Marine Strategy Framework Directive objective of Good Environmental Status by 2020. One of the main problems is marine litter.