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Territorial waters

Country Profile

Country Red is part of the Colour Kingdom, which consists out of two separate countries each has its own prime-minister. Country Red has a population of about 62 million people, which makes it the third most populous island in the world. The country is highly democratic and has a long tradition in stakeholder participation. It has recently transferred the jurisdiction on Marine Spatial Planning from a local level to the national level. Now the government likes to have a marine spatial plan for the territorial waters and EEZ.

Country Red attaches great value to sustainable energy like biomass, wave, tidal and wind energy. The Red country is known for its unspoiled nature and clean technology and it has set itself a target to become the first country in the world to be completely CO2 neutral, which is special because it has also large oil and gas reserves. The government has huge offshore wind energy ambition; 20 GW in 2020. Furthermore, the country has a couple of test sites for wave and tidal energy.

Fishery is a traditional sector, which takes place at the entire Sea of Colours. There are various important fishing grounds, nursery and spawning areas in the Red EEZ. These fishing grounds also attract many foreign fishing vessels; some foreign fishers fish under Red flag. The Red country’s fishermen are highly concerned about their future, due to foreign competition and the fact that they have less and less fishing grounds because they are excluded in MPAs. Although, they are still allowed to fish within wind farms this is not always possible due to the weather conditions. Aquaculture is an upcoming industry, especially in the northern part of the country.

The government also wants to promote tourism in country Red; tourism is a potential growth industry for the country as a whole. Especially, the southern sand beaches and the rough and rocky coastline in the north attract many visitors. More and more the historical relation with the sea is brought back to the political agenda, also to enhance economical development. Cultural heritage is highly important to the citizens of country Red.

Country Red has established a few marine protected areas in the past two decades. These MPAs are exclusive zones; compensation for loss of biodiversity is standard. Country Red has also designated various Natura 2000 sites. The government has high ambitions with the implementation of the Sea of Colours Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The Red country is proud of its world famous marine research institutes.



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