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Territorial waters

Country profile

Country yellow has the largest population of circa 80 million people, and it is one of the world’s leading economies. The country has a high legislative and formal governance structure: legislation on nature protection and biodiversity is strict. Yellow’s country government is also known for a thorough working method and is determined to have the best scientific approach in planning the sea. Country Yellow has good bilateral relationships with its neighbouring countries, although a demarcation line (sea border) with the orange country is not established.

Country Yellow has a huge offshore wind energy ambition, since the country has decided to close nuclear power plants; its current ambition on offshore wind energy is estimated at 30% to 40% of the Yellows country sea area. Wind energy is also seen as an important source for employment. There is no regulation for the location of wind farms, although local communities prefer wind farms further offshore. So far the tourist industry has not objected to the government plans. However, the shipping sector has expressed their concerns.

Shipping is a very important sector for country Yellow. The Yellow country has 3 major ports for import and export. Port extension is deemed necessary in the future. Shipping intensity is projected to grow 2,5% annually. The economic importance of the shipping industry is linked to the Yellow seaports, which are hubs for international flows of goods. The accessibility of ports is considered very important by the industry.

Fishing does not play a very big role in the Yellow country, but aquaculture is gaining interest. The government is actively searching for multi-use areas. Combinations of wind farm areas and aquaculture look very promising. Oil and gas extraction is also of minor importance. Only in the most eastern part of the Yellow EEZ a couple of mining platforms are situated with few pipelines that are connected to shore.

The coastline of country Yellow is considered ecologically very important. The harbour porpoise and the common and gray seal are situated in the Yellow sea in huge numbers. Many areas in country Yellows EEZ are designated as Natura 2000 areas. The majority of these areas are designated as bird and habitat areas. Other activities that take place in the Yellow part of the Sea of Colours are military activities, sand extraction, dredging and recreational activities, such as yachting, sailing and recreational angling.



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